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European Commission has approved the second version of the Programme Document

07 / 03 / 2024
Category: Project News

We are pleased to announce that on 13th February this year, the European Commission approved the second version of the Programme document, opening up new horizons for the PL-UA Programme. Already in October last year, we signalled significant changes to the Programme, aimed not only at increasing the number of initiatives, but also at broadening the scope of support for cross-border cooperation between Poland and Ukraine.

The increase of the Programme budget by more than 48 MEUR will enable the financing of transport projects under the ACCESSIBILITY priority. These are to be part of the so-called Solidarity Lanes initiative between the European Union and Ukraine.

In addition to the existing Small Projects Fund in the COOPERATION priority, the Programme also includes a place for a second such Fund in the ENVIRONMENT priority (objective 1.4). It will concern the promotion of the transition to a circular economy (we will inform about calls for small projects in both funds on the Programme website and FB).

The transfer of 8.5 MEUR from the TOURISM priority to the ENVIRONMENT priority (specific objective 1.2) will help solve more problems with access to water and sustainable water management in the Program area.

In the second version of the Programme, the scope of the BORDER priority has been extended – it now also covers the development and modernization of border crossing infrastructure.

We believe that these changes are an expression of our commitment to building strong, lasting and effective cross-border relations between Poland and Ukraine and we look forward to implementing projects that will benefit both parties.

The current thematic division of the Programme is as follows:

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