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All projects financed within the Programme shall be of non-profit character and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of inhabitants of eastern Poland and western Ukraine.

Each co-financed project should also demonstrate a strong cross-border character, not only through established partnership between institutions, but above all thanks to the results of the activities and their positive impact on the border area and its inhabitants on both sides of the border.

The maximum EU contribution per project is 90% of its total eligible cost.

Three types of projects may be supported under the Programme:


    • Strategic projects, selected within direct award procedure 
    • Duration: max 30 months


    • Selected via calls
    • Grant value 200 000 – 2 500 000 EUR
    • Duration: max 24 months
    • Under priorities: HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT


    • Selected and implemented within two Small Project Funds (SPF)
    • Grant value for the fund: 5.11 MEUR
    • Grant value for a small project: 20 000 – 90 000 EUR
    • Duration: max 12 months
    • Under Priority: ENVIRONMENT (specific objective 1.4), COOPERATION (specific objective 4.1).

Projects main requirements

The projects financed under the Programme shall meet all the following conditions:

  • contribution to the Programme’s priorities and specific objectives;
  • contribution to the strengthening of cross-border cooperation;
  • compliance with all EU horizontal principles and contribution to their implementation;
  • project implementation in Polish-Ukrainian partnership;
  • implementation of activities in the Programme area.

Calls for proposals

Project proposals under the Programme are collected through the Calls for Proposals. When a Call for Proposals is launched, an announcement with detailed information (including the application package) is published on the Programme website. Each Call for proposals announcement will provide a precise information on targeted type of projects and will define timeframe (start and end date and time).

The information concerning the consecutive steps in the Call organisation as well as its results will be available on the Programme website.

The first Call for proposals began in May and lasted until the end of August 2023. Applicants could apply for EU funds in the following two Programme priorities:

  • HEALTH - budget of 37.36 MEUR
  • ENVIRONMENT - budget of 81,90 MEUR

During the first Call for proposals, a total of 247 applications were received (132 applications in the ENVIRONMENT priority and 115 in the HEALTH priority).


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